Post cycle therapy (PCT) is a complex of special medications with sports supplements used by athletes in many sports types to minimize side effects after taking courses with steroid substances. You can buy drugs for PCT in USA at a low price at the sports nutrition store martincitybaptistchurch.com.

Purpose of post-cycle therapy

PCT is necessary after taking more hormonal or anabolic drugs for a certain period of time. The course includes:

  • Resume the natural hormonal background;
  • Prevention of unwanted diseases (testicular atrophy, oligospermia, gynecomastia);
  • Prophylactic treatment of other negative effects.

Components used

During the PCT period, anti-estrogen drugs are introduced into the diet, divided into two types:

  • Aromatase inhibitors – letrozole and anastrozole are most commonly introduced into the diet. With their help, during the course, estrogenic effects are blocked when taking flavored medicinal substances;
  • Blocking estrogen receptors – restore the secretion of testosterone production. The most effective drug is tamoxifen.

The medicine on the course advises the use of chorionic gonadotropin or cabergoline (dostinex). The first medication prevents the development of testicular atrophy, the second activates the action of prolactin.

All components for PCT existing in medicine are perfectly combined with each other, which greatly facilitates the passage of post-cycle therapy.

But this fact does not mean that consultations with doctors can be ignored. There are cases when prohormonal agents are mistakenly attributed to PCT, which are structurally the same steroid substances.

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