Oral Steroids

The drugs of this group are available in tablet form, which makes them very convenient to use. Oral AAS are most popular among novice athletes. However, they are also used in professional sports.

Disadvantages of oral steroids

In fact, drugs in this group have one “weak” side – a relatively high rate of hepatotoxicity. Simply put, they can damage the liver if used improperly. This negative property is due to the fact that during production all tableted AAS undergo an alkylation procedure. Due to this, the active substance of steroids is practically not destroyed during its passage through the digestive tract.

Recently, a lot has been written about this on the Internet. However, such statements are not always true. Steroids have been actively used in sports for many years, and scientists have been able to study them well. If you take anabolic steroids in accordance with the recommendations, then there will be no problems with liver function. However, there are really dangerous drugs – Fluoxymesterone. This substance is the main one in the Halotestin steroid. Even professional athletes do not use this drug for more than 4 weeks. Note that the use of Halotest at the amateur level is completely unjustified, since it cannot be used to gain muscle mass.

Benefits of tableted anabolic steroids

First of all, steroids in pills are easy to use. Many novice athletes are afraid to inject themselves and prefer oral medications. In addition, they have a high performance rate. Thanks to this, you will be able to notice the first results in the first hours after taking the drug.

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that tableted AAS are of low efficiency. This is absolutely not the case. For example, Anadrol has powerful anabolic properties and surpasses some injected anabolic steroids in terms of the strength of the effect on the body. At the same time, Anavar, also available in pill form, is the safest on the market.

When choosing steroids for an anabolic course, you should be guided by the existing experience in the use of pharma, as well as the tasks set. We do not recommend starting right away with powerful AAS. If the body has not previously encountered the work of pharmaceuticals, then even light pill steroids will be very effective.

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